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How to Make a Seat for Your Go Kart

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Page 4 - Go Kart Seat
Page 5 - Go Kart Steering Overview
Page 6 - Go Kart Spindles, Axles
Page 7 - Go Kart Engines, Exhaust
Page 8 - Go Kart Throttle, Brakes
Page 9 - Go Kart Clutch, Sprocket
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After you're done making the basic frame, you can frame out the seat area. Cut your wood for the base and the back rest. We like to round the edges with a sander for comfort.

Fabric stores sell foam and vinyl for the upholstery, but you should wait until you're done welding on the frame before putting the finished seat in. For now, install the boards in their positions so that you can sit in the kart as you're building.

This particular design is for a seat that could be adjustable if you wanted. It was made separate from the frame, and can slide on the frame rails. Heavy-duty cotter pins were used to keep it in place.

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