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Welding Projects and Plans

Welding is a great hobby, and to promote that end we've decided to host some of our favorite welding project plans.

The weekend weldor has all sorts of projects that they can easily make. Each welding project plan is completely free for personal use, and can not be duplicated for profit. Please feel free to send us some pictures of your completed projects and any design improvements.

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How to Build a Go Kart Plans - Even if you spell it go cart, building these design plans will get you on your way to welding a go kart frame. If you have kids, this timeless project is a must. (And you may even get to drive the go kart!)

How to Build a Hog Trap Plans - Feral pigs or hogs are notorious for getting out of some trap designs. Welding a pig trap with these plans has been proven to catch multiple pigs at once.

How to Make a Simple Iron End Table - A fun and easy project for the weekend weldor. Uses a tiled top and looks great.

How To Make a Ghost Shrimp Pump - Not a welding project, but a good project none the less. A necessity for pumping live bait from beneath the beach sand.

As with any welding project, please exercise great caution, and if you're not sure what you're doing, team up with someone that does.


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