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Page 1 - Overview of Building a Kart
Page 2 - Materials for Go Karts
Page 3 - Go Kart Frame
Page 4 - Go Kart Seat
Page 5 - Go Kart Steering Overview
Page 6 - Go Kart Spindles, Axles
Page 7 - Go Kart Engines, Exhaust
Page 8 - Go Kart Throttle, Brakes
Page 9 - Go Kart Clutch, Sprocket
Page 10 - Go Kart Parts Sources
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Building a home made go kart is a great bonding experience for parents and children. If you're an adult building for a child, get them involved. You'll both acquire a sense of accomplishment that you can't buying an off the shelf go kart.


Above all, keep safety in mind, and help your kids learn safe procedures as well. Welding and design will be just as important as driving skills as far as your safety is concerned. These plans are basic, and provided to get your ideas flowing.

Though building a go kart is not a terribly advanced project, ensuring that your welds are good is very important. If you're not an accomplished weldor, have someone inspect them, or have an accomplished weldor help you with the project. Welding is by nature hazardous -- for example welding on galvanized material can make you very sick — and if you don't know much about welding, you need to learn before taking on projects alone.

Also, be aware of the moving parts involved with go kart designs. There have been many recent recalls of the commercially produced karts for safety reasons. Unshrouded drive chains can catch loose hair or clothing. Rollovers can occur, and gas can leak out.

Go karts are a lot of fun, and they are a lot of responsibility, both for the parent and the child.

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The pre-building is the most important part of building a go kart . These plans are for a simple go cart -- and the basic plans can be changed as much or as little as you wish. Make a lot of your own drawings for what you'd like to see in your homemade go - kart.

To design your frame length and width, sit on some concrete and imagine yourself in your cart. Draw the frame with chalk on the concrete to the size and shape you want so that your legs are comfortable and it is wide enough. Record your personalized dimensions so that you can customize the plans.


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