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How To Build A Kart: Go Cart Components

Page 1 - Overview of Building a Kart
Page 2 - Materials for Go Karts
Page 3 - Go Kart Frame
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Page 5 - Go Kart Steering Overview
Page 6 - Go Kart Spindles, Axles
Page 7 - Go Kart Engines, Exhaust
Page 8 - Go Kart Throttle, Brakes
Page 9 - Go Kart Clutch, Sprocket
Page 10 - Go Kart Parts Sources
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A drive wheel asssembly that includes a sprocket and brake from a supplier will make your life a little easier, but there are other solutions. Depending on your drive assembly, you'll need between 4 and 6" axle bolt in the rear. The sprocket assembly shown below uses a 5" bolt for a 5" wheel size.

The drive sprocket needs to match your chain, which needs to match your clutch pitch. A common pitch is 35. A common sprocket size is 60 teeth, which is what we've always run. The bigger the sprocket, the better the low end. The smaller, the better the speed. However go karts don't have a lot of low end torque to begin with, so if you go for a small sprocket keep that in mind.

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Drive Axles

We strongly suggest a single wheel drive rather than a solid axle. With a sold axle both wheels are forced to turn at the same speed at all times and it is difficult to turn. A single wheel drive is fine for most applications. If you're off roading only, then a live axle might be more appropriate.

Chain and Clutch:

Get these parts from your parts supplier. Learn to resize your chain so it fits properly. If your motor doesn't have a chain guard, you should add one. In addtion to keeping the oil off your back, it will protect you if the chain breaks.

Clutches and sprockets come in various tooth sizes. The ratio of those teeth to the sprocket teeth is the gear ratio. We believe that the best all around set up would be 10-12 teeth on the clutch and 60 on the sprocket.

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