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Page 1 - Overview of Building a Kart
Page 2 - Materials for Go Karts
Page 3 - Go Kart Frame
Page 4 - Go Kart Seat
Page 5 - Go Kart Steering Overview
Page 6 - Go Kart Spindles, Axles
Page 7 - Go Kart Engines, Exhaust
Page 8 - Go Kart Throttle, Brakes
Page 9 - Go Kart Clutch, Sprocket
Page 10 - Go Kart Parts Sources
Page 11 - Our New Site

Visit Our NEW Go Karts Site!

We initially pubished these plans because we had trouble finding good free plans ourselves. Thanks to the kind comments from people like you, we've been motivated to expand upon them!

Our new project is a site called DIY Go Karts.com. It has all the information found here, plus a build up journal of a kart, and much more. There's mini bike plans, too. One of the newest projects we completed is there, too -- a mini chopper that is totally raked out, and has custom, open piped exhaust.

If you have any photos or any sort of design ideas that you'd like to contribute to the new site, we'd love to publish them Just let us know.

new At any rate, check out our new go kart plans site.


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