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This page is an internal one that tests ongoing projects that we are involved with.
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Lion Hunt Video - funny video of lion hunting fools

See this group of hunters at a game ranch get mauled by a lion. Lesson to be learned? Hire a good guide, plan a good vacation, and give animals a sporting chance, be they dove, pheasant, deer, or lions.

How To Plans - Free Welding Project Plans

Whenever we come across a good project, we like to keep an article of it here for others. Always free.

The Fishing Section

Some people are quick to help with fishing questions, and others wouldn't help you if your life depended on it. We've had some nice people help us, and wish to pass on some of what we know about fishing freshwater and at the coast.

Funny and Amazing Videos - Stuff That Amazes Us

These videos aren't just for shock value. Each represents something you should *not* do.

Other Work We Do

Web pages and whatnot that we're involved with.

Cowboy Cupid - The Cowboy Del Amor

We saw the movie, Cowboy Del Amor, which is about Ivan Thompon, aka Cowboy Cupid, at SXSW. It's a fabulous film, and the man is a true character.

Poker Music - A list of songs to play cards to.

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