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Extreme Lion Hunt Video

Watch the lion hunting video -- hunters with few ethics and the "sport" of canned hunts.

What may have started as a well planned vacation devolved into a much closer look at the exotic wildlife than they expected.

It's amazing that they didn't end up getting caught in the cross-fire. And sometimes, especially when you see something as silly as this guided "tour", you've just got to root for the wildlife to win.

hunting vacation

No doubt, next time they plan a vacation they'll probably plan better and hire a trained hunting guide for a proper guided hunt. And with any hope, they'll have learned something, and give the prey, be it bird, waterfowl, or exotic a sporting chance.

Watch the lion hunt video

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This video has been circling the internet for some time. We maintain it because we support hunters, and hope that you take away something about what it means to be sporting hunters. Thanks for viewing it, and supporting us.


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