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We've done a lot of work developing an expanding number of topical sites, and would like to tell you a little more about each. Most are of a hobbyist nature, and are something we like to do for fun on the side. Found yourself here by accident? Please refer to the homepage.

Each of these little descriptions takes you to another page where the topic is further explained.

Want to drive through Central America? Want to find information on it on the internet? Good luck! This winter we are making just this trip, ending in Panama, and will document it all.

Planning a trip to tube the Texas rivers? Then plenty of river trip information about the Guadalupe and other gems of the Hill Country at Tube Texas. Getting out on the water is a fun and relaxing trip that more and more people are finding out about.

We like welding, as you can tell from the other projects. If wrought iron is more your thing, Texas Rustic Iron was made to sell beds and tables.

When you start building things young, you don't usually stop. And if you didn't, start now! We have been continuing this gift anonymous gift to the internet by continuing to archive classic workshop projects from many years ago. What started simply is blossoming into a huge resource that is best of all, free.

Bird hunting is a lifetime sport, but however it's not always easy to find a place to hunt for your entire lifetime. This site's purpose was to get hunters finding landowners. It's still in heavy development. If you're interesting in hunting in Texas, give us an email.

Also in Texas is a huge problem - feral hogs. This project aimed at exploring all there is about the wild hog, mostly trapping. Dicsussion forum, hunting and trapping information, more.

Finally is another in our favorite category - building stuff! This details our cart plans for go kart building. These kinds of projects are great for drawing friends and families together.

A back burner project is for another new site, my new do. and also jewel or junk.

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