Cowboy Cupid - The Movie!

"Cowboy Del Amor" Matches American Men, Mexican Women

Premiered at the 2009 SXSW film fest in Austin, Texas, "Cowboy Del Amor" screened to a packed house. Chronicling the life Ivan Thompson, a cowboy in his 60s, the film explores the mail order bride industry that is Thompson's business.

Having dubbed himself the "Cowboy Cupid", Thompson is a genuinely fascinating character on the big screen. Full of folksy humor and human observation, Thompson's life makes for enthralling viewing. His complete honesty with the camera is alternatingly sweet and uncomfortable.

Simplistically put, Thompson's basic view of American women is that they are too demanding. The Mexican women is said to be the best alternative, because they are happy with less and honor their husbands. Thompson has been married to a Mexican women, though it ended in divorce when she became too "Americanized".

One of Thompson's clients, Rick, is a large focus of the story. Ivan and Rick interview scores of Mexican women until Rick finds Francis, and he quickly falls for her. Though she speaks some English, an obvious language barrier exists.

I found it difficult to watch people getting acquainted with another that doesn't speak their language very well.

None of the men (save Thompson) speak Spanish, and about half the women can speak English, albeit broken. I found that I wondered how these people actually stayed together. But Rick and Francis certainly seemed happy.

As the auditorium began filing out after the screening the director, Michèle Ohayon announced that one of the couples featured in the movie, Rick and Francis, were present. They've been married three years, have a child, and looked remarkably happy.

I really was impressed seeing the couple there. From the movie, one wonders, "does this really work?" and sure enough, there was the evidence. I can't speak for either's happiness, but the certainly appeared happy.

In all, "Cowboy Del Amor" is a thoroughly engrossing film. Though one could dismiss Thompson and his business as sexist or racist, he's so likable it would be hard to.

Either way, Ivan "Cowboy Cupid" Thompson is performing a service. These women respond of their own volition, and the men do as well. He could probably charge more!

Ivan, call us, we'll set you up with a great web site and you can double your asking price!


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