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Ghost Shrimp - Live Bait Pump - Slurp Gun

The ghost shrimp pump is a simple and effective way to harvest live ghost shrimp directly from the beach. Also known as a Yabbie Pump or a Slurp Gun, it's an effective harvesting method for ghost shrimp.

Over the years, we've used this method to much success. We credit the kindness of others in telling us about the ghost shrimp pump, and we'd like to extend that kindness to our fellow man.

We haven't met an Austrailian yet, but supposedly they call the pump a yabbie pump.

What Is a Ghost Shrimp?

The live ghost shrimp is not actually a shrimp at all. It's a relative of the lobster. The ghost shrimp is translucent, and lives in the tidal area of the beach.

At low tide, you can walk on the beach and see little volcano-like holes on the sand. Those are ghost shrimp holes. Using a pump you can suck the critters and the surrounding sand up and then find the bait. You have to act fast, before the shrimp digs back into the sand and is lost.

Using the Pump

All you need to do now is locate the shrimp and pump them, using your brand new ghost shrimp pump! Check local game laws for bag limits. In Texas, the limit is 20. Carry with you something to put the pumped shrimp into to keep them alive.

Tips on Pumping

If you push down on the 2" pipe as you pull the handle you get a better result. You could modify this design to include a 2" T fitting to make a second handle.

Ghost shrimp re-burrow quickly! You can pump them alone, but a second set of hands really helps.

Make A Pump

How to Make the Ghost Shrimp Pump

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Once you buy your own, you can call it a yabby pump, slurp gun, or sand shrimp gun, or even mud shrimp pump -- whichever you like! No extra charge! You might even say it's a "multi purpose" tool!

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