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How To Build A Wild Hog Trap Plans- Overview of Trapping

These welding project plans are completely free. Please feel free to send us some pictures of your completed projects and any design improvements.

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Destructive Nature of Hogs

As you're probably aware, wild hogs can be very destructive to ranch and farm land. As they reproduce rapidly, getting rid of them poses a significant problem. Trophy deer and game ranches routinely lose expensive feed to the maurading feral pigs.

Hunting the Wild Hog

In Texas one can hunt hogs at night, and even use a spotlight. This is because the pig is not a game animal, so wild game hunting regulations do not apply. This does make for some amount of hunting sport from time to time, but sooner or later you'll want to start trapping your hogs instead of tracking them. The benefit is obvious -- the trap keeps trapping even when you're not there to hunt!

If you have never trapped a hog before, please exercise great care around them, as they can be quite nasty. For safety, have someone well-versed in trapping hogs inspect your trap, and accompany them on a trapping or hunting run to learn more about wild hog habits.

Design Considerations When Building a Hog Trap

Though the basic design is pretty much the same, there are many fine variations. Things to consider before you build your trap:

  • Size: Does the trap need to fit in the back of your truck?
  • Portable or Permanent : Will you be moving the trap around, or will it be a more permanent fixture? How much help can you get to move it if needed?
  • Strength: Do not under-build the sidewalls, or the hogs may smash them open.

What You'll Need to Build the Trap

You'll need to be able weld! However, since a hog trap doesn't need to be pretty, it's a great starter project for those of us still "mud daubing" metal together.

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