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Four Guys, a Truck, and a Plan

After the hard work that we've been doing, we've put together a trip to Central America. The plan is to leave in the winter, be gone for a few months, and come back with some wild stories.

The trip is a great confluence of situation. Kyle's trusty Chevy truck will be the workhorse that gets us there. Since we're still wild enough to rough it, it's OK that the truck is only a single cab and there are 4 going. We've mounted a bench seat in the back.

And the sun will be kept off us because there will be an aluminum boat strapped to the roof rack that was custom installed.

True to web developing form, the whole trip will be documented on the special site southboundtravels.com. People from around the world will be able to catch up with what we're doing, and where we've been.

Hopefully we'll learn a lot that we can share about travel in Central America. We haven't found much about freshwater fishing, and that's something we will be doing a lot of. We'll let you know if we run into any huge ones.

The thing about traveling in Central America is that it's so incredibly cheaper than in America. And another that surprises us is that driving there from Texas is really an affordable idea. Perhaps driving down from the East coast would be harder, but from Texas it's just a jump into Mexico, then Belize, and then we're in business.

Some sites that have been helpful when planning were the scare tactics involved with the US Department of State's Central America travel info and the fine folks on the thorn tree forum at lonely planet's site.

We'll be visiting all the countries in Central America, and ending in Panama. We're not certain how long we'll be gone, either. That's part of the surprise!

We'll see Belize's caye's first, then jump into Guatemala. Lake Atitlan and the ruins are extremely promising. After that, it's a jump into Honduras for some beaches, and we'll stick and move, stick and move!

We ended up in Panama, where we'd sold the truck, boat, and outboard engine.

Hope you enjoy the site and get at least a little chuckle about it.

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