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Cooling Off In Texas

A terribly enjoyable way to spend a hot summer day is in the cool spring waters and rivers when you're in Texas. We've always enjoyed it.

However, finding information was often difficult. Outfitters have tried to keep up, but their sites are often chaotic. This is intended to organize all the important information about tubing in Texas into one small site.

We say small because that's the point. There's little reason to make things big and complicated. Tubing is simple as dirt, anyway! You get hot, you go to the river, you jump in your inner tube!

We kid, but the point remains. When people want to find out weather reports, or the flow rates, or parking info, they don't want to go to many different sites. It's all at this one, though.

So, that's what motivated us to create the Toobing Information site, Tube Texas.

We usually toob on the Guadalupe river. It's very cold and refreshing. There are many other rivers in the central Texas region. One that we want to explore more is the Frio river. In Spanish, that means "cold". Sign us up!

If you've been turned off by going tubing in the past from the crowds, you need not be. There are plenty of places to go on rivers that are public access, where outfitters aren't. In these places all you need is your own inner tubes and two cars, and you're in business. We suggest it for a relaxing time.

We had tons of fun making this one. Especially taking the photos with an underwater camera.

Some of the outfitters that run on the Guadalupe are Rockin' R, which might be the very biggest.

They run from many places. We've also been with River Sports who are in a very good location.

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