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Dove Hunting and More

Dove hunting is a really enjoyable sport. And it's not too strenuous, which makes it a lifetime sport for many, many people. Each year, as September 1 approaches, hunters start getting itchy feet, and make more and more trips up to Academy or Cabela's to get their hunting needs.

And why not? Something has to be done to pass the time. It's generally too hot to fish. Deer season is months away. College football growing ever near.

But seriously, finding dove hunt in Texas isn't always as easy as finding your shotgun shells. We recognized this because, well, we've been without a hunting lease, too!

Sometimes landowners are in the same boat. They want to earn a little money on their land having hunters come for day hunts, but they don't really want to turn access over to them for a full time lease.

Friends of the family are in the very situation, and we've been helping them find hunters for many years, now. For the next dove season, you can hunt their land, or another willing owner here in Texas. No problem!

Migratory game birds are a precious resource, and hope that you agree. Always respect bag limits and find your birds once they're down. It's particularly hard in high grass, so be on your toes. If you haven't already, look into the great programs that Quail and Dove Unlimited have.

There are two main dove in Texas - the mourning dove and the white wing dove. A smaller is the Inca dove. The regs for each are different.

The most common, the mourning, usually fly in low and slow. They are the easiest to hunt, especially jumping them or around tanks. The white wing often fly high, and in larger groupings that the mourning.

Dove love to eat grain, and some of the best hunting is around grain fields, sunflower fields and the like.

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