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Buy a Ghost Shrimp Pump - aka Yabbie Pump - aka Slurp Gun

We now offer for sale a complete, ready-to-use "yabby pump". Whether you call them ghost shrimp, sand shrimp or mud shrimp you can be pumping them out of the sand and finding shells quickly.

The gun is 32" long. The opening is 2" wide. If you would like a smaller version, please email to let us know and we'll accomodate your needs.

We ship via USPS and Fedex ground. Shipping should take no more than 7 days.

You may use your credit card without becoming a member of paypal.

Buy via a check or money order buy sending your order to:

Limestone Media
14 Reese Dr
Austin, TX 78745

Please make checks payable to Limestone Media.

Please call or email with any problems or requests.

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